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Large Commercial/Industrial Services

Alagasco offers a number of natural gas service options for our Large Commercial/Industrial customers.

Below is a summary of the services provided by Alagasco.

Natural gas deliveries that are not subject to curtailment. Alagasco reserves the right to limit the quantity of firm service contracted for by any consumer.
Natural gas deliveries in excess of any specified firm volumes that are subject to be interrupted or curtailed at any time.

Alagasco customers that meet Alabama Public Service Commission (APSC) approved volumetric requirements have the option of appointing Alagasco as their agent to purchase gas at market-based prices, arrange for interstate transportation and transport gas to their facility.

The acquisition of the gas commodity, pipeline nominating, and load-balancing services are all offered to our transportation customers at no additional cost. Through our capacity release "p" rate, we are able to offer interstate transportation rates on a 12-month basis.

Through our Transportation Tariff and subject to the terms of the Fixed Price program, Alagasco also has the ability to purchase natural gas on a long- or short-term basis for the customer in a variety of ways. This option gives the customer the ability to obtain a fixed wellhead cost of gas for a future month or multiple months based on current commodity pricing.
Certain Alagasco customers have the ability to use alternate fuels. Alternate fuel choices include propane, light and heavy oil, coal, woodchips and electricity. The objective of the competitive fuel program is to keep natural gas competitive with alternate fuels. Through implementation of the Competitive Fuel Clause, as approved by the Alabama Public Service Commission (APSC), our published tariff rates may be adjusted to compete in the energy marketplace.
Alagasco is an active participant in research, development, and introduction of new gas-fired technology in all of our market segments. Contact an Alagasco Business Development representative to learn more about the program.