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System Improvement: Pipeline Replacement Project

Alagasco is currently in the process of replacing pipelines in certain areas of the natural gas system.

This replacement project will be ongoing, and we would like to keep our customers informed of our progress along the way.

While we strive to keep inconvenience as minimal as possible, digging up dirt is well - dirty sometimes. Alagasco is coordinating all contractor efforts to ensure this project is minimally invasive on you, your family and neighborhood.

  Projects will be added on an ongoing basis, check this page often for updates.  

Below is a list of current projects:


  (Click project name to see map of project area)


CityProject NameStartFinishContractors
Birmingham18th Street Phase 1December 2016August 2017Miller
Birmingham18th Street Phase 2January 2017August 2017Miller
BirminghamAvenue J Phase 1December 2016August 2017SEC
BirminghamAvenue J Phase 2January 2017August 2017SEC
BirminghamPearson Avenue Phase 3March 2017July 2017Miller
AlabasterEvangel School Phase 1February 2017July 2017Southern Directional
AlabasterEvangel School Phase 2March 2017July 2017Southern Directional
AlabasterEvangel School Phase 3February 2017July 2017Southern Directional
AnnistonSunset DriveApril 2017September 2017SEC
AnnistonFairway DriveMarch 2017July 2017SEC
BirminghamCenter Way Phase 1March 2017July 2017Miller
BirminghamCenter Way Phase 2March 2017July 2017Miller
HomewoodBellview CircleFebruary 2017July 2017Miller
GadsdenStriplin Elementary SchoolApril 2017September 2017Miller
GadsdenSlack StreetApril 2017September 2017Miller
GadsdenTurrentine StreetApril 2017September 2017Miller
GadsdenS 5th StreetApril 2017September 2017Miller
GadsdenGardner StreetApril 2017September 2017Miller
Phenix CityLegacy EstatesApril 2017July 2017Speegle
Phenix CitySouth Girard SchoolApril 2017August 2017Speegle
JasperCrutchfield BlvdMay 2017September 2017Speegle
BirminghamAvon Park Phase 1April 2017July 2017SEC
BirminghamAvon Park Phase 3May 2017August 2017SEC
BirminghamLegion Field Phase 12April 2017July 2017SEC
BirminghamLegion Field Phase 13May 2017August 2017SEC
HueytownTinker StreetMarch 2017July 2017Southern Directional
Birmingham18th St SWApril 2017August 2017Rast
BirminghamWoodcrest RoadApril 2017September 2017Southern Directional
MontgomeryMonroe StreetApril 2017September 2017SEC
JasperJAS17013 Highway 69June 2017September 2017Speegle
BirminghamMET17139 West BlvdMay 2017July 2017SEC
HelenaSOC17026 Roy DriveJune 2017September 2017Southern Directional
DolomiteWOC17034 Dolomite Phase 1June 2017August 2017Speegle
DolomiteWOC17034 Dolomite Phase 2June 2017August 2017Speegle
DolomiteWOC17034 Dolomite Phase 3May 2017August 2017SEC
DolomiteWOC17034 Dolomite Phase 4May 2017August 2017SEC
Opelika Geneva & McCoy July 2017September 2017 Speegle


Here is a step-by-step of what will be done:


Street Pipeline Replacement: The pipeline running alongside and sometimes under the streets will be replaced. A technique called boring will be used, where possible, to prevent driveways and roads from being damaged. Boring uses a drill to create a pathway for the pipe, so the pipe can then be slid into place.


Service Pipeline Replacement: Service pipelines run from the street pipeline to individual residences. Service pipelines will be replaced once the new street pipeline is installed.


Original Pipeline/New Pipeline Conversion: When the new street pipeline and new service pipelines are in place, Alagasco will then redirect gas flow from the original pipeline to the new pipelines. When this process occurs, the gas meter connected to the piping in your home will be disconnected from the original pipeline and connected to the new pipeline. Because of the swap over, gas to your home will be turned off. T o restore service to your home, Alagasco technicians will need to gain access to your home to relight all pilot lights and check each appliance for safe operation. We will coordinate this with you in advance of the conversion process.


Yard Restoration: Once the construction is completed, it is our goal to restore your yard, common areas and neighborhood back to the way it was. We use a quality landscaping contractor to ensure this occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Monday – Friday. With most projects, the work is conducted during the day. In areas that have high traffic and customer flow, work will be conducted 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.
Alagasco anticipates the projects to be completed according to the schedule above. This is highly dependent on community events and inclement weather.
The equipment used to conduct the pipeline installation can make noise. Crews strive to limit heavy equipment movement after midnight to reduce this noise. Also, as the new lines are installed, Alagasco will need to change each meter over from the original pipeline to the new pipeline. This requires a temporary disconnection of gas service for each meter, but Alagasco will reconnect the meter as soon as possible to minimize interference in the customer’s normal routine. Alagasco will coordinate this changeover with each customer to meet their schedules.
We will install new pipeline along the street and also to each meter. When these new lines have been installed and tested, gas will be connected to the new lines. Once the new lines have been tested and placed into service, an Alagasco Representative will make the change-over from the original system to the new system. Your service will only be temporarily off while our mechanic does this work. Once all the homes have been switched over to the new system, then the original system can be retired.
We routinely evaluate and improve our facilities to keep gas flowing properly and without unexpected interruption. This is an ongoing process to maintain reliable gas service to our customers.
It is important to complete the work on schedule. Only temporary delays can and have been done to accommodate community events and inclement weather.
Yes. When new lines are installed, the meter at each home will need to be moved from the original lines to the new lines. This will require a temporary interruption in your service, and reconnection will be scheduled to create as little inconvenience as possible.
Yes. When the meter is moved from the original line to the new line, each meter will be turned off. As meters are moved over to the new line and turned back on, Alagasco will need access to each gas appliance in your home to relight and check for proper operation.

If you have questions about the system improvement in your neighborhood, please call 1-800-292-4010.